About My Fancy Feathers

I design and create beautiful feathered creations.

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My Fancy Feathers started in 2018. Living in the countryside I become exposed to a wide range of sports. One of these sports, is the rough shoot. This is where land owners allow live quarry shooting on their grounds, usually farmers’ fields and wooded areas.

Whilst the meat from the bird is utilised, the feathers often aren’t. Whether you agree with the principles of shooting or not, I did not want to stand by and watch these magnificent feathers go to waste. For the remainder of the shooting season, I collected carcasses from rough shoots and started plucking.

How it started

How it started

In 2019, I created my first range of feather hat pins and brooches. From there, the demand for my custom designs is growing (thank you to everyone who has purchased an item or followed me on Instagram/Facebook).

I use feathers that are ethically sourced or naturally shed.

Fancy something a little special to accesorize your boots, hat or favourite coat?

My unique garment accessories are hand crafted and assembled in Suffolk.

Not only are they visually appealing, they will make the perfect addition to your attire for an alternative style to your country wedding or race day!


Thank You

Thank you for supporting my small business. I truly appreciate every single order that I receive, it really means so much to me. Each item is checked and double checked to ensure it meets the highest standards. I hope you enjoy wearing My Fancy Feathers as much as I enjoy creating your fancy feathers.

– Lucy x