My Feathers

I am often asked how I source my feathers. This can be a contentious issue amongst animal lovers and has led to many debates amongst the online community. I have made the decision to use the following categories of feathers; from birds that have naturally shed, have been responsibly sourced, or have had a free and natural existence including the by-product of pest control and sporting in compliance with UK Wildlife Conservation Laws.

My overall decision to use a variety of sources is to ensure my products only use feathers that come from birds who have had a free and natural existence. In addition to the ethically sourced and naturally shed categories, pest control and sporting routinely occurs throughout our countryside. I have chosen to save feathers from this category, which would have otherwise been discarded as waste without a use. I have chosen to see these beautiful feathers used in a creative way, rather than discarded.

Categories of feathers:

Naturally Shed

These feathers are from birds who naturally shed their feathers, often tail-feathers. They are acquired from domestically kept birds. I often have feathers donated from keepers of birds who naturally shed. Naturally shed is also often often referred to as cruelty free.

Responsibly Sourced

These feathers are from domestic or free-roaming game birds (and other non-protected birds). These feathers have been sourced in compliance with all UK Wildlife Conservation Laws. I ensure these wonderful feathers do not go to waste.

Private Collections

There are a number of keepers from Norfolk, Suffolk and Dorset who who kindly supply me with feathers from birds who naturally-shed, or die of natural causes. These are usually from private collections, whereby breeding pairs of birds are kept.

More Feathers

I also source feathers which have been acquired as a by-product to pest control and sporting, in compliance with all UK Wildlife and Conservation Laws. The birds have had a free and natural existence. I use feathers from this category to ensure the feathers are not simply discarded, but used for something beautiful.